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Seating Capacity


Winter Garden
Outside Terrace
Chervil Hall
Great Hall


Restaurant Lounge

The restaurant lounges invites you to play cards (Jassen), drink a local freshly tapped beer among colleagues or to learn the latest from the village and regional politics.

We serve all daily and à la carte dishes in the restaurant lounge. Reservations can be made via [our booking tool]. Come by and experience the unique charm of the “Stärne” lounge.


Winter Garden

The winter garden offers a positiv atmosphere for a business lunch, a dinner among friends or to celebrate a special day. When it gets colder outside, the warm sandstone bench and the fire in the fireplace provide a pleasant warmth.

There is no better place to enjoy the Truber Menu created by Thomas Pfister and Sascha Berther, accompanied by a delicious wine. Reservations can be made via [our booking tool].

The winter garden is wheelchair accessible.


Cigar Lounge

And when things get a little later and more profound, you can retire to the Cigar Lounge. There you will find comfortable sofas, rare and exquisite spirits and a well stocked humidor for the guests. In the Fumoir we show live all games of the SCL Tigers and selected sports events.

Access to the Cigar Lounge from 18 years of age.
The Cigar Lounge is not served. We are happy to serve you at the buffet.


Chevril Hall

“Chirbelesääli” has its own wheelchair accessible entrance, direct access to the fumoir and a separate toilet facility. It is equipped with a modern and easy to use audio-video system and can accommodate up to 50 guests. This makes it ideal for celebrations, meeting old friends and schoolmates or or to debate about important issues. We are happy to take reservation requests under 034 491 22 33.

The Chirbelesääli got its name from eastern alpine hogweed: “The eastern alpine hogweed (Heracleum Austriacum) is a perennial, herbaceous mountain plant of the umbellifer family. It is an element of the East Alpine flora of Switzerland, where this species only occurs in the area of the Napf in the Emmental and thus grows hundreds of kilometres away from the next population (Austria).


Great Hall

Many theatres or weddings have been staged in the “Stärner Saal”. The old venerable hall can seat up to 100 guests and has a stage for theatre, dancing, singing and music. We gladly accept reservation inquiries under 0344912233.

Unfortunately the hall is not wheelchair accessible.



While the adults sit comfortably together, the children can let off steam in the spacious playground and immerse themselves in the world of climbing, swinging and sliding.
Please pay attention to the information board at the playground

Child chairs are available. Please let us know when you make your reservation if you would like a child’s chair.


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